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Don't just blame teachers when system is at fault, says UNESCO
The report, titled Accountability in education: meeting our commitments, looks at the different ways people and institutions can be held accountable for reaching the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goal for Education (SDG4). The report, the second in the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) series, shows that blaming teachers for poor test scores and absenteeism is often both unjust and unconstructive.
Urges protection for medical workers : UN Deputy High Commissioner
“In conflict settings, there has been a marked spike in the targeting of hospitals, of doctors, of ambulances and of nurses. And this is not only quite unconscionable,” the Deputy High Commissioner said, noting these attacks are also against international humanitarian law and the basic rules of war to which each Government has signed up by virtue of being a member of the United Nations.
Gujarat assembly : polls in two phases on December 9th and 14th
In order to ensure that no voter is deprived of his/her franchise, if his/her name figures in the Electoral Rolls, separate instructions will be issued to allow additional documents for identification of voters, if needed. Adhaar Card has also been included as an additional document for establishing the identity of voters at the Polling Stations.
The Police Commemoration Day
At about mid day, Chinese Army personnel were seen on a hillock who opened fire and threw grenades at the party led by Karam Singh. Since there was no cover, most personnel were injured. Ten of our brave Police Personnel attained martyrdom and seven others sustained injuries.
The Global Conference on Cyber Space
‘Cyber4All’ will be the main theme of this largest ever event of its kind with four sub-themes - Cyber4InclusiveGrowth, Cyber4Digitalinclusion, Cyber4Security and Cyber4Diplomacy for the 3-4 plenary and 12-16 parallel sessions, which will see deliberations on various issues of cyber space over a period of 2 days.
Changes in GST Rates for Goods and IGST Rates on Imports of Goods
As per discussions held in the 22nd GST Council Meeting held under Chairmanship of Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley on 6th October, 2017, the following changes in GST rates for certain Goods and IGST rates on Imports of specified Goods have been recommended.:
Nobel Prize for Physics, 2017 – Indian Connection
An opportunity for India taking leadership in this field has opened up with the LIGO-India mega-science project that was granted ‘in principle’ approval by the Union Cabinet on Feb 17 2016. LIGO-India brings forth a real possibility of Indian scientists and technologists stepping forward,
Man Walks Barefoot to Ensure Poor Walk Safely --by Madhuri Shukla
Walking barefoot is not just painful but it can have serious impacts on your health. It puts unnecessary stress on ankle and foot arch, exposes the foot skin to dust and allergens hence making the skin rough and hard with rashes. It can even tear the skin and also cause fungal infections.
A conference on the “Soy: Avenues and Opportunities"
India is the fifth largest producer of soybeans but in lack of awareness on its nutrition and the proper processing technologies this product is not getting the acceptance in the Indian diet. Although the soy food processing sector is growing at a faster rate of 10% annually but still needs to develop with a pace to bridge the protein gap of the country.
UN should be flag bearer when it comes to gender parity, stresses top official
I can say that, for example, at the beginning of this year, for 2017, the situation in the system was that there were 50 per cent women at Professional levels that can be considered the beginning of one’s career – that is to say P1, P2. But when you went into senior positions, there were only 29 per cent women. So you see that the higher the grade, the larger the parity gap.
U.S.-India Business Council
The emergency of 350 million middle class consumers will drive Indian growth and will also offer major opportunities for U.S. exports. Emerging middle-class consumers will have new demands in areas such as education, health care, and financial and professional services -- fields where U.S. companies have much to offer.
The GST Council, in its 21st meeting held at Hyderabad
A registered person (whether migrated or new registrant), who could not opt for composition scheme, shall be given the option to avail composition till 30th September 2017 and such registered person shall be permitted to avail the benefit of composition scheme with effect from 1st October, 2017.