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Jal Kranti Abhiyan : A Noble Initiative by Modi Government by Sukanta Chatterji
The JKA is to include use of modern techniques with traditional wisdom for increasing water security; encouraging conjunctive use of surface and ground water; creation of additional facilities for water conservation through construction of water harvesting structures; wide spread programme for rain-water harvesting and to motivate the villagers for the participation in the water related schemes and cost sharing by the community to in still a sense of belongingness and accountability.
External panel calls for ‘PARADIGM SHIFT’ in UN police operating model
The report also recommends that planning peace operations and their police mandates are based on a thorough political and technical analysis of the context, as the assessment of the context, capacities and needs of host-States will determine the need to address the protection needs and the institutional development requirements.
Accommodating Diversity in a Globalising World: The Indian Experience : M. Hamid Ansari
The Wikipedia indicates the world’s Muslim population in 2015 as 1.7 billion. The Pew Research Center of the United States has published country-wise and region-wise religious composition and projections for 198 countries for the period 2010 to 2050. It indicates that in 2010 Muslims numbered 1.59 billion out of which 986 million were in Asia-Pacific.
EL NIÑO passed peak, but UN weather agency warns‘ not to lower guard’ as impacts continue
“We have just witnessed one of the most powerful ever El Niño events which caused extreme weather in countries on all continents and helped fuel record global heat in 2015,” Mr. Taalas said, highlighting the droughts and excess rainfall it has caused in different parts of the world.
Make In India Week concludes on a high note showcasing India's manufacturing prowess
A total of 150 events were organized under the Make In India Week banner while more than 25,000 people participated in Seminars and Symposia, where over 1,200 experts from various walks of life from Ministers, Chief Ministers, policymakers, industrialists, academicians and spiritual gurus spoke on wide ranging issues concerning business and society.
Afghanistan: Government must deal with corruption to build democracy and peace
With no independent oversight body, the judiciary is heavily influenced by politicians and elites. Even in the rare cases where the corrupt are convicted and sentenced, punishments are not always upheld in practice. The government’s recent attempt to sign a multi-million dollar real estate deal with a businessman currently imprisoned for his role in the Kabul Bank scandal is just one example of widespread abuse of power.
Flowers Harvested on the Ground and in Space for Deep-Space Food Crop Research
Zinnia plants from the Veggie ground control experiment at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida were harvested Feb. 11 in the same way that crew member Scott Kelly harvested the zinnias growing in the Veggie system aboard the International Space Station on Feb. 14—Valentine’s Day.
CHINA’S clampdown on lawyers and activists draws concern of UN human rights chief
Police have detained about 250 human rights lawyers, legal assistants, and activists across the country since a nationwide crackdown began last July, although many were subsequently released. Last month, 15 additional human rights lawyers were formally arrested, 10 of them for the crime of ‘subversion of State power,’ which carries a sentence of 15 years to life in prison. Among those facing that particular charge are leading human rights lawyers Li Heping and Wang Yu.
Zika: UN health agency launches global response strategy
WHO says $56 million is required to implement the strategy, of which $25 million would fund the WHO/AMRO/PAHO (Regional Office foe the Americas/Pan American Health Organization) response and $31 million would fund the work of key partners. In the interim, WHO has tapped a recently established emergency contingency fund to finance its initial operations.
Global wood production in 2014 shows biggest jump since economic crisis
The new statistics showed that in 2014, major wood products, such as industrial roundwood, sawnwood, wood-based panels and pulp and paper, have increased from one to five per cent, surpassing the pre-recession levels of 2007. It is also noteworthy that the Asia-Pacific, region, and Latin America and Caribbean have the fastest growth in production.
One out of every 122 persons on Earth has been forced to flee their home
The global refugee total, which a year ago was 19.5 million, had as of mid-2015 passed the 20 million threshold (20.2 million) for the first time since 1992, while asylum applications were up 78 per cent (993,600) over the same period in 2014, and the number IDPs jumped by around two million to an estimated 34 million.