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Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
[ News | Russia  /  30 Jan 2018 ]

Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. The conversation took place during a visit to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre.

Moscow, 29 January- The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said  "I am particularly thankful to you for agreeing to hold today's meeting here. It is symbolic, because these days the entire world is remembering the victims of the Holocaust.

Putin also said that As you are aware, our country was strongly affected, and almost every family lost someone. Among the Jews murdered by the Nazis, there were many citizens of the Soviet Union, Russia. They also made a vast contribution to the victory over the Nazis.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu  reply and said  "Thank you very much, Mr President, I appreciate your invitation and the fact that you decided to personally attend this ceremony, at this place, on these days. This reflects our common fight against that terrible evil witnessed by humanity, and the enormous price paid by my people, the Jewish people, and the Russian people, in this fight. An enormous sacrifice – 20 million Russian lives and 6 million Jewish lives. The heroism of the Red Army which led to the defeat of Nazism.

Netanyahu  also said that "I believe that one of the main lessons of the history of the Nazis’ rise to power and their defeat is that it is necessary to stop such evil before it is too late. This is our goal today."

Prime Minister of Israel  and describe "This is what I want to discuss with you today, as well as the events unfolding in the region, our common efforts, promoting security and stability in the region, and, of course, the expansion of bilateral relations between our two countries, Israel and Russia."