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Air pollution in Delhi: Presently, the winds coming from western UP and MP
[ News | Weather  /  03 Nov 2017 ]

Environment Minister, Imran Hussain has reviewed the Ambient Air Quality status of Delhi with the senior officials of the Department and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee.   


The officers informed that Ambient Air Quality status is ‘Very Poor’ since 17th October, with the exception of ‘Severe’ status on October. 


Agricultural residue burning has been observed in Punjab and in Haryana.


However, the wind direction is not towards Delhi from these states. Presently, the winds in Delhi are coming from west UP and adjoining Madhya Pradesh.


Existing condition in Delhi is induced due to localized sources and sources situated in NCR region. This fact is evident as value observed in NCR is higher than the values observed in Delhi.


The Minister noted that Ambient Air Quality Status is relatively better than the one prevailing last year during the same period. However, intense efforts at air pollution reduction are stringently required due to ‘Very Poor’ conditions.


Hussain appealed to citizens of Delhi to take all the steps to minimize the local contribution in emission by using public transport and by keeping a close watch on burning of garbage and waste material.